Does Acne Really Need Antibiotics?

Does Acne Really Need Antibiotics?

Acne is a hereditary condition of the skin.  Those who are genetically prone to acne will experience the body shedding at a much higher rate than the average person. Most people experience a light sloughing of dead skin cells daily. However, for those who are acne prone this shedding increases anywhere from 1-5 times in a day. This leads to the pores becoming impacted with the dead skin cells, yet, it has been a common belief that acne is caused by bacteria.  The thought is by eliminating the bacteria it would in turn produce acne free skin.  Let's be clear, bacteria does play a part in the inflammation process of producing acne however it is a secondary component to the more accurate and precise cause of acne; genetics and a faster rate of the skin shedding daily creating clogged pores.

The typical protocol administered by Dermatologists mostly appears to be a one size fits all method with the use of prescription creams, antibiotic and Accutane. With this vast distribution of prescription antibiotics for treating acne comes a long list of hefty side effects.  Unfortunately antibiotics only provide relief for less than 30% of acne sufferers and the rest are given long term antibiotics in hopes of clearing the skin sometime in the future. In doing so, one must be prepared for an ample amount of side effects such as:

-Thinning hair
-Discolored teeth
-Frequent yeast infections
-A decrease in the body's ability to fight off other infections.
-Long term antibiotics use contributes to a hindrance in the production of good bacteria in the digestive and reproductive system.
-Birth defects

Experiencing such detrimental health risks from the use of long term treatment for acne with antibiotics may soon be a treatment of the past, but as for now, it is not the right approach.  Clearing acne begins with specific skin care products, professional treatments and a personalized yet powerful home-care regimen.  The best approach is encouraging the skin to exfoliate in order to prevent the build up of dead skin cells in the pores.  Additionally, the use of topical antimicrobial which delivers oxygen deep into the pores, and not with antibiotics. P. acnes bacteria are anaerobic bacteria and they cannot survive with oxygen present.  Just by introducing oxygen molecules into the pores, acne can be eliminated.  *Remarkable results are noticeable within a few days, therefore clearing acne can be achieved in a matter of weeks to a few short months.

Kimberly Lovato LE, Certified Acne Specialist

*Legal Disclaimer:  Your results may vary.  Results take time and depend on adherence to the whole program.
Results typically take 6 weeks – 3 months, but could take longer.  Your skin is worth the time and effort.