Is Your Olive Oil the Real Deal?

Is Your Olive Oil the Real Deal?

I know we have covered this topic before, however this subject needs special attention.

When it comes to olive oil, you have to be extra conscious of packaged products. Many chips, dips, dressings, crackers, etc. contain olive oil in the ingredient deck. The tricky part is whether or not these specific products contain acne safe olive oils. We always suggest to our clients that it is best to avoid products which contain ‘olive oil.” It is important, especially during the clearing process, to use an olive oil that you have confirmed yourself to be the real deal. Look for the ‘Harvest Date” and a “Best By Date” (you always need both!) on the container to ensure you have real olive oil.

Don’t bother asking the manufacturing companies or even restaurants if they use real olive oil, of course their answer will be 'yes' because most companies are still unaware of bogus olive oils being sold on the market today. As we always say to our clients, ‘be your own advocate, and confirm everything.” Want to learn more about fake olive oils? Check out our blog on how to recognize them.

We recently had a client come into the clinic who had been clear skin for a long time…until lately. She noticed she had started to experience breakouts on her cheeks and chin. During our discussion we were able to quickly zero in on the culprit, which was the Olive Oil Chips she had been eating as a snack a few times a week. Once she eliminated this product from her diet, her skin cleared up nicely. Did her chips contain the phony olive oil? Absolutely.

Another example was a client that was using a salad dressing, which appeared to be “acne safe.” It contained a few spices, some vinegar, and an olive oil. Sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly. Our client had not considered the reliability of the olive oil in the product. Everything else in his diet was 100%, so he began to question the dressing and quickly made the connection. When he cut the dressing out of his diet, he cleared up completely.

It is crucial to be aware of everything in your diet when you are in the process of clearing your acne. If you are avoiding acne triggering foods, but may still be seeing breakouts, look closer at foods that at first seem “acne safe,” you may just be surprised. As always, make sure you are in fact consuming pure olive oil.

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