Tired of Struggling with Perioral Dermatitis? We Can Help!

Tired of Struggling with Perioral Dermatitis? We Can Help!

Red and inflamed papules and pustules around the nose, chin and mouth area are often symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis. This skin condition is often itchy and can be similar to a rash. Though it is often confused with acne, it is certainly not acne, as it does not respond to treatments such as exfoliants and benzoyl peroxides the same way. In fact, many acne treatments can greatly exacerbate Perioral Dermatitis.

There are many theories as to what actually causes Perioral Dermatitis. The most common is an overuse of dermatologist prescribed steroid facial creams. It is also thought that dental products such as fluoride, chloride, as well as harsh detergents can contribute to this skin conditon. For example, sodium laureth sulfate an ingredient found in many types of toothpaste on the market today can easily prompt Perioral Dermaitis.

Interestingly, this skin disorder is rarely seen in women over the age of 50, so there is some solid speculation that it can be considered hormonal in nature. Although, Perioral Dermatitis is commonly found in women, it can also been seen in men too.

The standard treatments often prescribed to combat Perioral Dermatitis can be antibiotics and topical ointments. Even so, it rarely subsides, and when it does it can often re-occur.

At the ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic we work with clients who struggle with Perioral Dermatitis regularly. The first line of defense usually involves identifying what is triggering the rash, and quickly eliminating the culprits that are currently irritating it. We work to calm the skin creating a customized regimen that will both sooth the skin and clear the dermatitis fast. For your at-home regimen we often recommend using a Hydrating Cleansing Gel to rid the skin of bacteria; a Calming Toner to balance the skins natural Ph levels; a Mandelic Serum to help sooth the skin of irritation; and a Moisture Boost Gel to ensure the skin receives adequate levels of hydration. This regimen always includes the use of an appropriate sunscreen to help protect the skin from sun damage as well.


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