Do Natural Acne Products Really Work?

Do Natural Acne Products Really Work?

It is a popular notion today that “going green” and “staying organic” healthier for your body.  When it comes to food, this is reasonable as most of us do not desire digesting a slew of chemicals and pesticides while enjoying chicken, milk, beef, fruits and other goods.  It is a wise choice as it avoids the digestion of super-bugs and ensures healthy bodies.  Sadly, natural in skin care does not equal healthy skin.  Just as we cannot trust the word “organic” labeled on our food unless buying it from a local co-op or if the product has the USDA approval sticker confirming the product is indeed truly organic.

Just as we can’t trust the word “Organic” labeled on our food unless buying it from a local co-op or seeing an USDA approval sticker assigning truth to the label, we cannot always trust the word “natural” when it appears on our skin care products.  Manufacturers can use this word liberally in order to target the “go green” “staying organic” crowd.  There is a lot of assumption when it comes to what is truly natural and what is not.  For example, it is often assumed that botanical substances resulting from plants are completely natural, when in fact these ingredients require many chemical preservatives in order to maintain their effectiveness. Unfortunately, these botanical ingredients are often far worse irritants of the skin then man-made ingredients.  They also often clog the pores, allowing for the creation of bacteria, therefore resulting in pimples, pustules and cysts.

 We often get inquiries about natural home regimens that people have been eager to try, and ultimately disappointed to find that they do not clear acne.  Some of these mixtures include toothpaste, tea tree oil, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.  While some of these ingredients can act as a drying agent, they will not cure acne.  Acne starts from within the body, and these triggers must be identified in order to experience clear skin.

By working with an acne specialist at the ABQ Skin Care and Acne Clinic, you will receive exceptional assistance in understanding what triggers are specifically aggravating your acne, and what type of acne you have.  All acne is not created equal, and each individual case must be treated specialized for the skin type.  Are you weary from trying several over-the-counter “natural” products and at home remedies that just aren’t doing the job? Stop wasting your time and find real results with our Acne Specialists at the ABQ Skin Care and Acne Clinic.  We understand the frustrations in the pursuit of clear skin, and we will put you on the right path!


Kimberly Lovato LE, Licensed Acne Specialist