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Initial Consult via FaceTime, Zoom or Phone Call - Get clear skin for life anywhere by participating in the Clear Path Program®.

Virtual Appointment

You can participate in the Clear Path Program to achieve clear skin for life from anywhere in the U.S. Meet with one of our Licensed Acne Specialists one on one for instructions, guidance, and support on your journey to clear skin.

Very quickly, you will understand acne in a way you have never perceived before. Bypass the misinformation given to you by well-meaning dermatologists who have very little nutritional training and are completely unaware of the plethora of acne triggers hidden in your ‘healthy’ diet and your lifestyle habits and choices.

No need for antibiotics, topical prescriptions, laser treatments or Accutane®. Once you know how to identify all acne triggers in your life and know the steps to achieve clear skin, the rest is easy.

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