5 Star Custom Peels & Facials

Throughout the aging process, our skin loses some of its ability to properly slough off dead skin cells, causing the skin to appear dull. With the use of a light to medium-depth chemical peel application, you will soon see revitalized glowing skin. Each treatment is customized specifically to your skin type, condition, and goals. There is no ‘one size fits all' at the Clear Path Acne Clinic.

You should consider a chemical peel if you are experiencing:

-Dull skin
-Sun-damaged skin
-Unevenly pigmented skin
-Dry skin
-Fine lines
-Blotches, brown spots, or discolorations

Here at the Clear Path Acne Clinic, we provide gentle yet effective chemical peels that improve the overall tone and texture of the skin, without an extended period of downtime. At each session, a Master Skin Care Specialist will help to determine which chemical peel is the best choice for your skin type, and condition to help achieve your desired goals.

During each treatment, you will receive a thorough cleansing, gentle extractions, and an application of the most effective chemical exfoliation chosen specifically for you.

At the Clear Path Acne Clinic, chemical peels are meant for those individuals with clear skin. If you are currently experiencing breakouts, chemical peels alone will not get you clear and will only offer a temporary calming to the skin. In order to achieve, 100% acne-free skin, it is crucial to eliminate the root cause of your acne. If you are currently experiencing breakouts, check out our Clear Path Program to find out how you can learn to control acne for life.

For more information about chemical peels or the Clear Path Program, contact us at (512) 901-9180.