Clear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic

Clear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic

Welcome to the home of Clear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic, Austin’s first seriously effective acne, and problematic skin care clinic, offering the most cutting-edge acne treatment available in the Austin area. Armed with highly skilled Licensed Acne Specialists, we are prepared to help clear your skin of all stages of acne in a way that you have never experienced before. Each client will receive an acne education, such as: what acne is, learning what their acne triggers are, and the specific steps you need to take to achieve a healthy, acne-free lifestyle. With an average of 3-6 treatments, a simple, yet powerful skincare regimen, expert guidance, and support along the way, *we can safely clear your skin without dermatologists, harsh drugs or costly laser treatments in about 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on the stage and type of acne - for life. All Skeptics welcome!  Se habla español.

We Clear Acne Without Antibiotics, Laser Treatments, Topical Prescriptions or Dangerous Drugs

Does your Dermatologist keep giving you antibiotics that don’t work? Fed up with using topical prescriptions that severely dry out and irritate your skin? Tried Proactiv®, and still breaking out? Considered going on dangerous prescription drugs but are afraid of the deadly side effects? Tired of spending money on expensive laser treatments? End your battle with acne by simply removing the root cause. Once you discover your acne triggers, make your food swaps, and make a few easy lifestyle adjustments, clear skin can be achieved for life in a matter of * 6 weeks to 12 weeks. All Skeptics Welcome!

99.2% Success Rate


Austin's #1 Acne Clinic

Clear Path Program®

No need for Dermatologists, topical prescriptions, antibiotics, laser treatments or Accutane®. Stop spending vast amounts of money on over the counter acne products that either does nothing – or makes acne worse.

Finally, an acne fighting program that puts you in complete control of problematic skin. Forget everything you think you know about acne. Let go of the assumptions, misconceptions, and myths you have been told by well-meaning medical professionals or what you have read on the internet. Discard the limited, and often inaccurate information, given to you by your dermatologist. If you want to learn how to clear acne, this is how you do it.

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Skip the Dermatologist

You will learn that clearing acne for life Is actually quite easy: Reveal the Root Cause - Make Simple Lifestyle Changes - Support Clear Skin with a Customized Skin Care Regimen. Our proprietary acne clearing program does not need antibiotics, laser treatments, topical prescriptions, or dangerous medications. Learn what your dermatologist doesn't know about acne. Skeptical? So were some of our best clients!

Clear Path Skin Care & Acne ClinicClear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic
Clear Path Skin Care & Acne ClinicClear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic

End Acne Frustration

Have you tried countless skin care systems, antibiotics, topical prescriptions, laser treatments, and even dangerous drugs? Are you happy with the results and now have the skin you have always dreamed of? Chances are, probably not. Don’t settle for the ‘one-size-fits-all’ acne solutions.

Clear Hormonal Acne

Most acne sufferers battle hormonal acne, which generates excessive oil production in the pores. Puberty, menstrual cycles, stress, pregnancy, and menopause are typical triggers. However, hormonal acne can be managed easily by controlling oil production through diet and lifestyle choices.

Clear Path Skin Care & Acne ClinicClear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic
Clear Path Skin Care & Acne ClinicClear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic

Boost Self Confidence

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a face that doesn’t make you feel confident and attractive? Are you past the age you think you ‘should not be battling acne any longer’? At the Clear Path Skin Care & Acne Clinic, we help everyone of all ages and genders realize their dream of flawless, acne free skin.

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Your Formula to Flawless Skin®

Are you tired of the 'one size fits all' acne treatments? We are too, that's why we created a very customized acne clearing program. Doesn't it make sense to use specific products for your own type of skin and acne? If you are ready for an individualized approach to clearing your acne - we can help. Your Formula to Flawless Skin® is as individualized as you are. Let's get started!


We offer treatments for all types of Acne

At ABQ Skin Care and Acne Clinic, we offer treatments for all types of acne, including: Acne Inversa - Acne Conglobata - Acne Excoriee - Cystic Acne - Hormonal Acne -Rosacea - Perioral Dermatitis - Keratosis Pilaris & Folliculitis.

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