Are You Seeing a Chef for Your Acne?


Are you feeling embarrassed or has your self-esteem been deeply affected by your acne?

Perhaps, you’ve been wondering why nothing works and you have been searching high and low for the answer to how to get rid of acne? You may have even been to a dermatologist and tried their prescribed creams, antibiotics, laser treatments or even Accutane and only gotten temporary results, if any. This type of approach towards fighting acne only treats the symptoms and not the source. Doesn’t it make more sense to uncover the root cause of your acne, rather than covering it up?

The reason you may have been able to answer yes to any of these questions, but you’re still struggling with acne is because you likely haven’t been able to identify what is causing your acne until this point.

When people think of acne, they typically think of dermatologists as having the solution. After all, weren't they taught in school how to clear acne? Now don’t get me wrong, we have a tremendous amount of respect for dermatologists, they are an intricate part of maintaing healthy skin by treating diseases of the skin. However, when it comes to acne, most dermatologists are like a chef in the kitchen following an acne recipe.

What is the recipe? A typical slather of a topical prescription, perhaps an antibiotic or two, maybe a few series of costly laser treatments, and since this usually doesn't completely clear acne for good, they often move to Accutane, a drug the FDA has applied a triple black box warning to. Yikes!

Here is an interesting fact, as you may know dermatologists specialize in diseases of the skin however they are not taught about actual skin care. They are taught to prescribe treatments like medications rather than uncover and eliminate the source of the problem. When it comes to acne, doesn't it just make sense to reveal the root cause of your acne than to only treat the symptoms? We think so.

Regardless of the type of acne you have, whether it is mild to moderate, non-inflamed to inflamed, or even severe cystic acne, we teach you how to get rid of acne.  We want you to clear up your acne -  not cover it up!

We put the power of clear skin in your hands, no bandaids, just results. We will teach you everything you need to know about your own personal acne triggers. Once you eliminate the source of your acne then you can control your acne.

We can also help with acne scars and hyper-pigmentation. Not only do we want to help clear your acne, but we also want to help your skin look as though you have never even had acne. Through proper skin care habits and empowering skin care knowledge, you can achieve clear, beautiful skin…finally!  And we can help! For more information give us a call at the ABQ Skin Care and Acne Clinic (505) 369-1680.