Avoiding Adult Acne Triggers

Avoiding Adult Acne Triggers

Adult acne can be both persistent and frustrating, however you are not alone.  Nearly 85% of people have suffered with acne at some point in their lives, 25% will have a case serious enough to leave scars and 20% of adults have acne today.  Yet, more than half of women over 25 still have acne!

Acne in adults is different from the typical acne most teens suffer with.  Teen acne usually begins in the T-Zone area, along the forehead, down the nose, to the chin.  This type of acne lesions tend to be easier to extract because they sit right under the surface of the skin which allows easy extractions.  However, adult acne tends to sit deeper under the skin along the chin and jaw line.   Here, they usually develop into cysts or blemishes under the skin which are not as easily extracted and need more exfoliation to bring them to the surface.

So, why are adults, especially women, still being plagued by acne?  The answers may surprise you and best of all; you can control acne just by learning what the triggers are and how to avoid them.

#1 Trigger: Sunscreen and Skin Care Products

Many women purchase at least 5-10 products a year of varying skin care items.  However, lurking in most products, including name brands are an array of pore clogging ingredients such as Isopropyl Myristate or Laureth-4.  These highly comedogenic ingredients are an instant acne trigger for many.  Before you decide to purchase the newest fad for acne, knowing which ingredients are safe and which ones are not is the first place to start.  Unfortunately there is little truth in advertising regarding skin care products and makeup. It can be confusing because every package has a promise on it;  "Kills bacteria," "Oil-Free," "Wipes Acne Away," "Non-Comedogenic."   These are terms that do not hold much truth.  For those who are acne prone don’t fall prey to the fancy marketing and promises of perfect skin, your truth is found in the ingredients.  Learn from ABQ's Acne Specialist how to avoid pore clogging ingredients.

#2 Trigger: Hair Products

Are you breaking out on your forehead, hair line, shoulders, back, chest?  This could be from pore clogging ingredients found in your hair products. Ingredients such as “Sodium Laureth Sulfate” and “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” among others are usually the culprit.  Check the list of pore clogging ingredients to see if your current products are safe, if not check here to find a list of acne safe hair products.

Check here for ABQ Acne Clinic Approved Hair Care Products:  http://albuquerqueskincareandacneclinic.com/acne-treatments/are-your-hair-…eaking-you-out/

 #3 Trigger: Your diet

There are several types of food that ‘feed acne,’ which may surprise you.  The first major trigger is salt.   All types of salt such as iodine, iodides, potassium, seaweed, kelp, algae and sprirulina to name a few are found in most of our packaged foods and dairy products.  This includes frozen, canned and fast foods.  When we consume high amounts of salt in our diet it creates an irritation as it exits the pore. Instead, reach for low glycemic foods such as whole grains, fruits, most vegetables to start with.

 #4 Trigger: Birth Control Products

Birth control is often an acne trigger for most acne prone women.  Most birth control consist of estrogen or progestin dominant hormones, each has a varying degree of androgenic (testosterone-like) effects.  Many different types of birth control such as the Injections, Inserts, Implants and IUDs tend to be in the low estrogen/ higher androgen category which typically promote mild to severe acne breakouts.  There is one exception with the Paragaurd IUD which does not contain hormones; however the copper tip of the IUD creates a wave of acne.  This wave becomes apparent when acne sufferers begin to see their skin clear for several weeks, only to be disappointed soon thereafter when a new wave of acne begins to resurface creating another cycle.

 #5 Trigger: Cell Phone

Often in our busy days we are off and on our phones and cell phones regularly.  However, we do not realize the phone begins to retain oil, dirt and bacteria practically on a daily basis. If you are having breakouts on the sides of your chin, specifically the side you tend to hold your phone a pattern of acne can begin to surface.  An easy solution to prevent this acne pattern is to wipe your phone daily with antibacterial wipes.  Making a habit of cleaning your phone daily will result in clear skin in these areas.


Kimberly Lovato LE, Licensed Acne Specialist