Is Your New Years Resolution to Get Even Skin Tone? We Can Help!

Is Your New Years Resolution to Get Even Skin Tone? We Can Help!

People often refer to the dark pink and brown marks on their skin as age spots or acne scarring. In fact, these spots have nothing to do with age, but can be a result of acne or evidence of sun damage. In one case, blemishes can leave behind dark spots (otherwise known as hyper-pigmentation) once the active blemish has healed. These pesky marks can stick around for months or even years, but not to fear, they are not true acne scarring. True acne scarring can be divots and uneven texture of the skin, and that can be addressed in an entirely different way. To learn more about that checkout info about acne scar removal here.

In another case, these dark spots can be brought on or even perpetuated by the damage caused to the cells by UV exposure. UV radiation causes the skin to send melanin (pigment) to the site to protect the skin. This is what brings on a lovely tan, but over time this UV radiation accumulates and lentigines (i.e., hyperpigmentation) form. We often see the greatest accumulation of this type of damage on the back of the hands, the forearms, and the face.


First and foremost is prevention! This means applying sunscreen like your life (or skin) depends on it. Make sure to use at least an SPF 30 and if you are going to be in direct sunlight, reapply every 2 hours. Limit sun exposure, wear wide-brimmed hats and cover up with breezy clothing. The damage the sun can do today can create physically visible damage in the future.


You can use a brightening product for home use that includes effective ingredients like kojic acid or hydroquinone. This helps to fade hyperpigmentation by breaking up the accumulation of melanin, removing dead skin and bringing new skin to the surface. Ingredients like these also prevent the new pigment from forming by interrupting the synthesis of melanocytes.

Here at the ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic, we recommend using Clear Path Pigment Serum or Clear Path Derma-Brite, for sensitive skin. These products work with different skin types to correct skin tones, and when paired with lightening peels are highly effective in evening skin tone and eliminating dark spots.

Lightening Peels are the second step to erasing dark spots. A medium-depth chemical peel helps to remove the top 2-3 layers of the skin (we keep it gentle - but highly effective) therefore increasing cellular regeneration and new skin to the surface. This reduces discoloration and provides fast and dramatic results in texture and skin tone. Pairing these treatments with a customized at home regimen increases the speed of results. Get the even skin tone you’ve been dreaming of in 2018!

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