Maintain Clear Skin with Low Glycemic Foods

Maintain Clear Skin with Low Glycemic Foods

As you may already know, following a low glycemic diet is imperative to achieving clear skin. The Glycemic Index provides information on how the foods you eat affect your blood sugar levels – ratings are from 1 to 100. When your blood sugar levels spike, it increases oil production in the pores, leading to new breakouts as well as sustaining current blemishes.

While you are in the clearing process, it is important to know the glycemic rating of the foods you eat. If you consume foods rated at 55 and below, you will see clear skin fast. However, moderate levels such as 55 and up, oil production begins to ramp up and so does acne.

Other benefits of following a low glycemic diet can be weight loss, improving cholesterol, fighting heart disease and it also helps to control your appetite.

Citrus is a tricky category. Even though it is generally low glycemic, it is very acidic and has the potential to increase inflammation in the body, leading to breakouts. Be on guard with citrus, consume small amounts during the clearing process and watch your skin for any changes.

The ripeness of a fruit can also play a part in increasing the glycemic index. For example, bananas tend to have a rating of 54, which is already slightly an issue because it is close to the 55 limits. However, if it is ripe, the rating can be much higher.

Something else to keep in mind is the cooking process you may use. Baking, frying, and carmelizing can actually increase glycemic levels. Such as sweet potatoes/ yams, which can become acne triggers just by baking them. However, you can decrease the glycemic rating by boiling them.

Lastly, breads have always been an issue when it comes to triggering acne. When comparing the ingredient deck to the Clear Skin Diet list, even if it looks safe, chances are it most likely is not. Why? Because a majority of breads are made with high glycemic flours and ingredients. We recommend for a variety of acne safe, low glycemic bread products.

Whichever fruits and vegetables you may choose to consume, always check their glycemic ratings to prevent breakouts.

Here are a few acne safe, low glycemic fruits and vegetables suggestions you can enjoy.

Fruits & Glycemic Index

Apricots 23

Apples 39

Avocado 15

Blueberries 54 (Very small servings only)

Cherries 22

Dates 36

Nectarines 30

Prunes 29

Pears 37

Plum 38

Strawberries 40

Peaches 42

Coconut 45

Grapes 46

Kiwi 52

Bananas 54

Vegetables & Glycemic Index

Artichokes 15

Bell Peppers 40 (remove skin/seeds)

Brussel Sprouts 15

Cauliflower 15

Celery 15

Cucumber 15

Carrots 43

Eggplant 15

Green Beans 15

Green Peas 51

Leeks 15

Lettuce 15

Mushrooms 10

Okra 15

Onions 10

Peppers 15 (remove skin/seeds)

Sweet Potato 61 (Boil to bring down glycemic level)

Summer Squash 15

Tomato 15

Yams 54 (Boil to bring down glycemic level)

Zucchini 15