Typical Results of Proactiv® and Benzoyl Peroxide

Typical Results of Proactiv® and Benzoyl Peroxide

There is an overwhelming amount of acne products available on the market today.  The most familiar ones would probably be Proactiv and Benzoyl Peroxides.   However, the problem with these acne lines is that it is the same protocol for everyone, regardless of the type of acne one may have or skin type.  Most people experience either excessively dry skin or severe irritation.  Others may experience results in the beginning only to be disappointed soon after when acne returns.

Benzoyl Peroxide offers the ability to penetrate deep inside the pores and effectively eliminate oil, the buildup of dead skin cells and p.acnes bacteria.  These are the three elements that are the main cause of pimples, pustules and cysts.   This powerful remedy remains one of the most useful tools in the fight against acne today.  Benzoyl Peroxide was developed in the 1960’s with the goal of infiltrating deep into the pores and eradicate dead skin cells and oil by releasing oxygen into the pore which destroys the p. acnes bacteria.

The most popular product on the market today containing Benzoyl Peroxide is Proactiv®.  It is often reported that this product works for a while for users and then their skin plateaus and begins breaking out yet again.  The reason for this type of reaction usually means that the amount of Benzoyl Peroxide they are using is not nearly strong enough to maintain clear skin.

Proactiv® Can Be Very Drying to the Skin

 Additionally, any product containing Benzoyl Peroxide is usually too strong for the skin to tolerate all night within the first weeks of use.   Proactiv® users are directed to start using this product every morning and every night from the beginning.  Some people experience extreme dryness due to the severity of the use of harsh ingredients on their skin when applied for long periods of time.  Moreover, for the users who experience little to no results is due to the fact that their skin may actually require a higher percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide rather than the standard percentage of 5% found in this popular product.  Unfortunately, Proactiv® is considered to be a one size fits all method that is not created specifically for an individual’s real needs to effectively clear the type of acne they may struggle with.  However, once their skin does become used to the Benzoyl Peroxide it often plateaus because the skin actually needs a higher percentage of the product to have the ability to push the skin to clear. 

At the ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic we specialize in helping our clients create an acne free lifestyle and experience long term results.  We understand that everyone’s skin is different and we treat each individual according to their skin type and needs.  It is important to not only provide an education on how to care for your skin, but also to recognize what may trigger acne.  We work very closely with our clients by offering guidance and support in obtaining and maintaining acne free skin.

Kimberly Lovato LE, Licensed Acne Specialist