Understanding Acne Scars & Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Understanding Acne Scars & Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation


Nothing has the ability to completely diminish confidence the way that Acne does.  It is incredibly exasperating waking up morning after morning with red irritated skin covered in whiteheads and pustules.  Even more disheartening are the dark marks left behind which tend to remain on the skin for an extended period of time and leaving many acne sufferers wondering when those blemishes will finally go away.

These dark spots are often mistaken for scarring.  Just to clarify, dark spots are not scars.  They are simply hyper-pigmentation of the skin and more accurately called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and are often referred to as PIH.   Scarring is when you have pitted or depressed marks in the skin.


Close up of problematic skin with deep acne scars on cheek

Acne Scarring


Brian before 4/2/2015

Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation

For many acne sufferers this stubborn post- hyperpigmentation, or discoloration of the skin left behind from blemishes can leave red, pink, purple, brown, or even black marks.  The color of the PIH is dependent on skin tone and depth of discoloration.  An important thing to remember when dealing with these spots is you are not alone.  These spots can occur on all different types of skins. At the ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic we can help with removing PIH and quickly restoring the skin back to a beautiful clear complexion.

When being treated for your specific type of acne, we work closely with our clients to address the lifting of this hyper-pigmentation from the very beginning.  In our first phase of acne treatments at ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic we are dedicated to clearing our client's skin of all active acne.  After achieving the first phase  in clearing all active acne, we quickly launch into the second phase of acne treatments with an intent focus on creating a clear complexion free of all PIH.  We customize a specific protocol for each client which helps in targeting any PIH left on the skin.  These treatments successfully result in healthy radiant skin that often leaves little or no trace of a battle with acne.  Make your appointment with the ABQ Skin Care & Acne clinic to get started on the path to clear healthy looking skin!


Kimberly Lovato LE, Licensed Acne Specialist