What Your Acne is Trying to Tell You!

What Your Acne is Trying to Tell You!

For those acne sufferers who like to talk on the phone, you may notice breakout on the side of mouth where you tend to hold your phone. Because those who are acne prone tend to have sensitive skin, just rubbing up against a residue of oil left on the phone from prior use is enough to cause an instant breakout.  Make sure to use an antibacterial wipe daily to physically wipe off all residue on phones to prevent an acne attack.  Don't forget to wipe off glasses and sunglasses as well.  This delicate area under the eyes can experience black heads or clogged pores just as easily.

Have you noticed that your forehead, shoulders, back or chest are breaking out?  These are simple patterns that typically reveal your hair products contain pore clogging ingredients and it is time to replace them with acne safe choices. Other culprits can be helmets or hats that create friction on the forehead which quickly triggers a breakout; or using your hands or gym clothes to remove perspiration during your workout.  Taking simple habits into consideration can often stop a new batch of blemishes from forming.

If some of these acne triggers are eye openers for you, learn more about what you can do to prevent acne breakouts by the ABQ Acne Clinic at 505.369.1680


To see a list of ABQ Acne Clinic Approved  safe hair products check out our blog: http://albuquerqueskincareandacneclinic.com/acne-treatments/are-your-hair-products-breaking-you-out/


Kimberly Lovato LE, Licensed Acne Specialist