Not Getting Results at the Dermatologist Office? Find Fast Results with an Acne Specialist!

Not Getting Results at the Dermatologist Office? Find Fast Results with an Acne Specialist!

For those who are plagued with acne and desperate for a solution often reach out to a dermatologist or physician to help them to get control over breakouts.  The most common steps a dermatologist will follow is to prescribe antibiotics and a topical prescription as a remedy for acne.  Unfortunately, this well worn path rarely yields positive results.  Antibiotics work approximately 30% of the time in clearing acne.  For the few who find relief with the use of antibiotics quickly realize they will need to continue taking it for years at a time to maintain clear skin.  This creates a new host of problems such as an array of detrimental side effects.  However, for the 70% of individuals who continue to suffer with acne often remain frustrated and anxious to find answers.

Many acne suffers continue searching and soon realize they have another choice.  Seeking a specialist who works specifically with acne of all types and stages offers fast results within a few short months.  Here, at the ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic our clients experience clear skin fast with outstanding long term results.  So, what is the difference between a Doctor's office and an Acne Clinic?


  • Doctors tend to prescribe the same protocol for all of  their patients regardless of skin condition or type of acne.  The typical regimen usually begins with antibiotics along with a prescription retinoid.  This combination rarely works. If it does produce some results it often stops working after a period of time.  The patient soon thereafter returns to the doctor only to be prescribed another round of a different antibiotic and topical ointment.  Yet again, great results are rarely achieved.  When all else fails, the doctor reaches for the most potent prescription which  may create severe long term side effects for most, which is Accutane.


  • A visit to the doctor office usually consists of spending just a few quick moments with a physician.  Most doctor offices run on a very tight schedule and are pressured to see as many patients as they can within a very short period of time.  At the Acne Clinic, your Acne Specialist spends time with each client to discuss progress and make any adjustments that are needed.  Your ABQ Acne Specialist remains in close contact with all clients, answering questions and providing guidance and support on their way to clarity.


  • Dermatologists work with all aspects of the skin not just acne.  At the ABQ Acne Clinic, Acne is our focus.  Our Acne Specialist utilizes methods for clearing acne created by the world's foremost acne researchers.  We quickly clear all types and stages of acne without the use of antibiotics or a prescription topical and even more important without the use of Accutane.  Are you serious about conquering your acne once and for all?  The ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic will give you the tools to finally do it!


Kimberly Lovato LE, Licensed Acne Specialist