Zinc Helps to Fight Acne Naturally

Zinc Helps to Fight Acne Naturally

Specific vitamins can significantly improve skin issues, such as acne. Different supplements have different benefits. One of the essential vitamins to include in an acne regimen is zinc. It is particularly beneficial when treating inflamed acne, cystic acne, or hormonal acne. While zinc isn’t necessarily a cure-all for acne, it is undoubtedly helpful. Here are some of the benefits:

- It helps apoptosis occur. Apoptosis is when your skin cells naturally die and slough off. When you are deficient in zinc, apoptosis is delayed which leads to cells sticking together and clogging pores

-Zinc is highly anti-inflammatory, which of course, inflammation is one of the root problems when it comes to acne

-It is also anti-bacterial, which is another source cause of acne.

-It is an effective antioxidant for the skin.

-It helps your metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids, which is very useful for reducing inflammation.

-Zinc helps deliver a critical anti-acne nutrient, Vitamin A, from your liver throughout your body and to your skin. This also helps regulate your body’s hormonal balance.

Signs you are deficient in zinc:

Dry skin, hangnails, white spots on your fingernails, frequent colds, hair loss, diarrhea, low sex drive, and acne.

Now it would be ideal for getting all of the zinc we need through diet, yet the majority of acne sufferers are consuming low levels of zinc. If you have acne, you want to be sure to increase your zinc levels with food sources such as lamb, unsalted pumpkin seeds, grass-fed beef, mushrooms, and chicken. Also, taking a zinc supplement can quickly increase zinc levels as well, to help fight acne.

When it comes to taking a zinc supplement, not all zincs are created equal. Here at the ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic, we prefer OptiZinc. The absorption rate is much higher because the zinc is bound to an amino acid called monomethionine. Optizinc also contains copper, which increases the metabolism, therefore increasing all of the benefits listed above. Take 30mg a day with a meal for best results.