Free Things to Do Right Now to Stop Your Acne From Getting Worse

Are you ready to kick start your acne-free lifestyle and you are not sure where to begin? Follow these steps today and you will be headed in the right direction!

1.) Increase your water consumption, with a goal of at least 1 liter a day. Often we confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin. Simply by increasing your water intake, it will promote moisture in the skin. Is water too boring? Try slicing an organic orange, lemon, or cucumber into cool, purified water. Addicting!

2.) Follow a low salt diet. Begin to limit the consumption of salty foods such as fast foods, greasy foods, canned or restaurant foods. The excess salt from this type of diet quickly enters the bloodstream and soon thereafter hits the pores of the skin, producing additional oil and creates a new wave of acne on the surface of the skin.

3.) Avoid peanuts, peanut oil, peanut butter, and wheat germ. These ingredients play the part of androgens, which is a form of testosterone. Consuming these types of food also creates a fast breakout of acne.

4.) Changing your pillowcase nightly helps in preventing new breakouts. There is quite a bit of research that supports this healthy skin routine.

5.) Reduce your stress and sleep more. Research has also proven over and over how tightly these factors are connected to acne breakouts.

6.) At the first sign of a new blemish forming, apply ice for 2 minutes off and on throughout the day. Chances are the inflammation will dissipate and shrink up.

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Kimberly Lovato LE, Master Acne Specialist
Clear Path Acne Clinic